Agency Lab is an artist-led research organisation.

Agency Lab’s purpose is to enable artists to connect with institutions, individuals and processes. We host interactions across different locations and sites to offer a reflective and open platform for equal exchange in generating art projects. Our aim is to sit apart from any existing hierarchical systems when building a creative network.

Agency Lab works on two levels – one in terms of its organisation as a research project, in and of itself, and the other in terms of creative networks that enable longer term projects to develop over time through the Agency.

As Agency Lab travels it grows, by actively seeking new partners, members and affiliates. An important principle for Agency Lab, is to open up connections with future host institutions and participants. To act as a conduit for everyone we interact with, and to open every future site of activity to our partners.

Agency Lab is interested in engagements and experiments between people that are particular to each new cultural context, to date within Europe. When Agency Lab engages with a city, it invites individuals from the area to come together and consider differing perspectives on seemingly known subjects or structures.




Founded by a group of exhibiting artists currently practicing in the UK, Agency Lab has developed out of a research project supported and seed-funded by the Art & Design Research Centre, at Sheffield Arts Institute, Sheffield Hallam University.

Part of Agency’s remit is to enable open-ended research enquiries and the development of new ideas in differing contexts. Agency Lab recognises that participation within Agency Lab can be framed within one or more of the definitions of artist, practitioner, researcher, curator and academic at different points in time.

Agency Lab functions as a platform for non-institutional agency and exchange. Its purpose is to instigate artistic engagement across different sites and platforms in various cities, to date within Europe.

Process of exchange with partners
Agency Lab takes an initial a two-tiered approach to its exchange process. It visits each host city twice, once for initial contact and discussion and second for the development of individual and group projects.