Julie Westerman works across sculpture, drawing, film, and animation, and as a curator. Her research engages with global warming, using images of structural failure and climatic events, recent works were exhibited in Afterwards, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, 2010, and published in Transmission Annual: Catastrophe, 2012. Current curatorial projects and publications including Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy, 2011: artists and writers were invited to speculate on the future of Brutalist architecture; Tegel: Flights of Fancy, commissioned thirty artists from Britain and Germany produce films based on Tegel Airport in Berlin, and Tegel Speculations and Transformations, published in 2013. A cross-disciplinary research project with Dr John Hart developed a film crossing the boundaries between art and science, Fly Birdie Fly, 2011. During Spring 2014 she was a fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study Durham University, developing cross-disciplinary research on the field of light.