Lent Provocations is a curatorial project that sites artworks within significant institutions and with targeted individuals. This process is undertaken in each host city visited by Agency Lab. Michelle Atherton and TC McCormack have approach emerging artists in the UK initially and in consultation, have selected artworks for the purpose of lending them to a select group of arts professionals. Together, this series of artworks sit as provocative forms within the working space of an organisation or individual.

Agency Lab offers these artworks as loaned gifts.

Each Lent Provocation is time specific and has a certified loan agreement. The recipient agrees to take responsibility for the artwork in situ and Agency Lab agrees to remove the artwork at the designated time.

Current Lent Provocations 2014.

Jette Gejl – Artist & Professor, Dept of Aesthetics and Communication, Art History, Aarhus University.
Artist: Natalie Finnimore
Artwork: Untitled (wall). Risograph on paper, edition No 1/30. 2013

Recipient: Kim Grønborg – Curator, Gallery Spanien 19C
Artist: Lea Torp Nielsen
Artwork: Umph Abba-A. Collage drawing, 2014

Recipient: Joasia Krysa – Director Curator Kunst Hal Aarhus
Artist: Cerlin Karunaratne
Artwork: Spiderman vs Carnage. spray painted ceramic, 2012

Recipient: Jesper Rasmussen – Director, Aarhus Art Academy.
Artist: Jim Howieson
Artwork: Desk-work Sculpture. Turned wood (pau amarello), caulk, rubber band, Sharpie pen ink, panel pin. 2014