Superficial Surface is an exploration of colour through the surfaces of our environment. ‘Colour is pure thought, taste can be acquired… but in the field of fine art, colour is pure thought.’ Daniel Buren

Sitting in the studio, looking out onto a verdant, yet damp grass, under a steely grey sky I recalled a cinematographer, talking about the nature of the landscape in the British Isles; that the landscape of this country is particular in how it is so saturated. The colour of the ground, the leaves, the permeable rock, or even in the colour of the sky, is directly connected to the saturation of the landscape.

Superficial Surface is a kind of incitement and celebration of a shared intention to find value in all surfaces. It sets out to understand how colour is particular to a place, a site and how or what this communicates. It sets out to analyse a place through colour and surface. Superficial surface is interested in colour that coalesces, that sits alone, that is gaudy or delicate; wraps around or pops up from underneath, is subdued, atmospheric, flashes and screams.

The first installment of Superficial Surface will take place in Aarhus in Denmark in 2015.